Blue Jazz TV
Private Elevators

Adrian Knight (b. 1987, Uppsala, Sweden) is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, and an active member of several groups, including Blue Jazz TV, Private Elevators, and Synthetic Love Dream. His works are published by Project Schott New York. Commissions and performances include pieces for Bearthoven, Karl Larson and Maya Bennardo, Post:Ballet, The Living Earth Show, R. Andrew Lee, Minnesota Orchestra, Mobius Trio, Red Light Ensemble, TIGUE, Margaret Lancaster and the Yale School of Drama among many others. His recordings have been released on Galtta Media, Cantaloupe, Irritable Hedgehog, Perfect Wave, Slashsound, Innova and Pink Pamphlet. He lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Yale School of Music, MM Compostion (2009-11); Royal College of Music in Stockholm, BA Composition (2006-09); Piano, Stellan Alneberg (2000-06); Clarinet, Catarina Lundegårdh (2000-01); Organ, Andrew Canning (1999-2001); Piano, Kristina Eriksson (1993-2000)


Composer and Performer (1993-); Schott Music Corporation, Copyist and Music Editor (2011-); Teaching Fellow, Yale College Department of Music (2010-11)

Awards and grants

Society of Swedish Composers (2018), Society of Swedish Composers (2015), Society of Swedish Composers (2013), Musikens Hus Vänner Uppsala (2012), Minnesota Orchestra Composer Institute (2012), STIM Sweden (2011), ASCAP Morton Gould Award (2011), ASCAP Morton Gould Award (2010), STIM Sweden (2010), Royal Swedish Academy of Music (2008), Royal Swedish Academy of Music (2005)


Vacation Man (2018, Galtta) Gotta Have It! (Purelle, 2018, Galtta) The New Age (Nick Stevens, prod. AK, 2018, Galtta) Blue Ragu Volume 1 (Blue Jazz TV, 2018, Galtta) Chiba Girl (Blue Jazz TV, 2018, Hunka) Karaoke Life (Blue Jazz TV, 2018, Hunka) The Royal Scotsman (Synthetic Love Dream, 2017, Galtta) Trios (Bearthoven, 2017, Cantaloupe) On the Prowl Again (solo, 2016, Galtta) My Side of the Story (Andy Meyerson, 2016, Slashsound) Obsessions (R. Andrew Lee, 2016, Irritable Hedgehog) Assholes (Blue Jazz TV, 2015, Galtta) First Feelings (Private Elevators, 2014, Perfect Wave) Fly by Night (solo, 2014, Pink Pamphlet) Synthetic Love Dream (David Lackner, 2014, Galtta) Pictures of Lindsey (solo, 2014, Galtta) Cheap Love (solo, 2014/2016, Pink Pamphlet/Galtta) Cocktail Culture (solo, 2013/2016, Pink Pamphlet/Galtta) Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights (solo, 2013, Pink Pamphlet) High Art (The Living Earth Show, 2013, Innova) Time of My Life (solo, 2010, Pink Pamphlet) Världens Undergång (solo, 2009, Pink Pamphlet) Ricky Bruch Album (solo, 2008, Pink Pamphlet)

Selected Works

Idea to Life (Success Stories) (alto sax, el gtr, perc, Rhodes/synth, 67') The Continuing Dream (pno, perc, 55') Five Dreams (vln, pno, 9') The Ringing World (perc, pno, db, 8'30") Occultations (3 perc, 45') The Royal Scotsman (el gtr, sax, pno, perc, ∞) Dead in the Water (b fl, electr, 8’30”) Obsessions (piano, 50’) Humble Servant (perc, 9’) Bon Voyage (gtr trio, 7’) Long Gone John (electr, 4’33”) Family Man (el gtr, perc, 18’) Trio (vln or vla, vc, pno, 5’30”) Ted Bundy’s Requiem (electr, 8’) Comblé (orchestra, 18’) The Tears (harp, electr, 9’) The Dividing Line (sound/video installation, ∞) Till Minne Ave (4 vln, 4 vla, 4 vc, 4 db, 20’) Death of Paneloux (piano, 7’) Manchester (orchestra, 15’) Abide with me (pno, 10’)