available at beginner/intermediate/advanced levels

• Piano/Keyboard/Guitar/Bass lessons
• Composition (classical/avant-garde/electronic)
• Arranging/orchestration (any style)
• Songwriting/lyric writing (any style)
• Music production – recording techniques, DAWs, editing, mixing (any style)

Lessons will take place

• online via zoom
• in person in my Williamsburg studio (if fully vaccinated) 
• or, depending on travel distance, your home


30 min     $50
45 min     $75
60 min     $95

To schedule a lesson or if you have questions or requests not answered or covered on this page, please contact me directly via email (adrian dot knight at gmail dot com); I will get back to you within 24h. 

About me

I offer lessons in guitar/bass, piano/keyboard (classical/experimental/pop/jazz), composition/songwriting, production/recording (DAWs, mixing, editing etc). No matter what level we're on, as musicians and artists we're all part of a wonderful and strange ongoing human project, and I believe that it's my duty to share the knowledge and skills that I've accumulated throughout the course of my life and career. 

Over the years, my work has branched out in many different stylistic directions but I am firmly rooted in avant-garde/classical music. I hold two degrees in composition: a Master of Music '11 from the Yale School of Music where I also taught undergraduate lessons in composition; and a BA in Music Composition from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden ('09). I've written large scale works for orchestra, chamber pieces, solo music for a variety of instruments, works with multichannel electronics, and works for theater and dance. For those interested, my recorded work is easily accessible online on a variety of labels and my scores are available from Schott Music New York. 

As a pianist, I began formal training at age 6 and worked through much of the classical repertoire before deciding to focus fulltime on composition. I am also an accomplished studio musician, improviser (jazz/free/experimental), and a member of several groups/ensembles. 

A firm believer in the use of intuition as a primary tool in music making of all kinds, I would like our lessons to be shaped according to your needs and interests. No matter what level you are on, my goal will always be to offer you exactly what you need at each given step. I treat each student as a unique collaborative effort. 

Apart from technical and aesthetic approaches, it is usually very difficult and takes a long time to find one's 'voice' as a performer, writer or producer; this is inevitable except in rare cases, and I will endeavour to teach you to trust in your own abilities, overcome insecurities and doubts, and connect your artistic practice with a more unified mindset that goes beyond imagined technical and stylistic limitations and aesthetic policing. The main point is to eradicate unnecessary obstacles to your creativity and learn to trust your intuition and choices.